Rajeev Vempuluru
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My Professional Skills

I'm a fullstack web-developer with over 3 years (much closer to 4) work ex in development of Web Applications. My skill in design comes from my work in graphic design & web design at IIT Delhi.

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While studying at IIT Delhi, I've actively participated in creative work for festivals, namely, Rendezvous, Literati, Sportech. I have also served various roles at numerous student boards - Mentorship Review Committee, Student Counselling Committee & Board for Student Publications.
I like setting up web services and exploring new technologies, which led me to work with quite a few budding start-ups - Grocit, AsknShop, ClickGarage & PixelAnalytics.

My expertise is in interface development which comes from my work at Sentieo, where we built an amazing platform with a ton of data heavy interfaces.

Web Development
Web Design
Graphic Design

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My mom said I shouldn't talk to strangers, but I think a mail thread is okay.


Hyderabad, India